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Clinical Solutions
  • Dementia
    A dementia research solution for clinicians and Research & Development departments.
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  • HIV
    Specialised Electronic Care Record (ECR) software for HIV medicine.
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  • Sexual Health
    Leading the way in Sexual Health Computing
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  • Stroke
    The leading solution for hyper acute stroke units.
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  • Substance misuse and addictive disorders
    Leading the way in substance misuse computing
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Hospital Management
  • Analytics for iFIT
    Real-time graphical analytics for hospital logistics management
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  • Efficient clinical coding
    Javali - the technology that increases accuracy and efficiency of clinical coding.
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  • Real-time information management for Lilie
    Real-time information management, Data Quality and Tabular Reporting Services for Lilie
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  • Records, assets & logistics
    The unique, multi-purpose, tracking and business management solution.
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Electronic & Mobile Care
  • Domiciliary care & care homes
    The leader in Electronic & Mobile care solutions for individuals and organisations.
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