A comprehensive case management and reporting system for substance misuse services. 

What is Conquer-A?

Conquer-A is a web-based application that provides for all your standard, clinical, administration, communication and reporting requirements. It has been designed using the latest technologies to meet the needs of a wide range of services involved with the treatment and care of people with addictive disorders, including drugs and alcohol.

Release 1 - currently available

This solution is designed to enable a team of professionals to efficiently manage prescriptions for substance misuse cases in a secure environment.

  • Full client record:
    • Custom and flexible client records.
    • Securely manage product and user configurations to access client records.
  • Fully compliant and integrated prescribing module:
    • Developed specifically to meet the needs of substance misuse prescribing, including methadone maintenance with reduction & titration regimes.
    • Accurate, automated generation of prescriptions with full script history in an easy-to-view format reducing the burden on busy treatment services.
    • Pre-populated with standard remarks and also allows users to populate scripts with free text.
    • Dispensing schedules provide the user complete control over pick up days.
    • Bulk/batch printing facility.
    • Prescribing templates and summary sheets. 
  • National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) compatible:
    • Flexible creation of data-set compliant scripts.
    • Fast, efficient and remote access for creation and extraction of data to ensure maximum staff and site efficiency.
    • Enables sites to become self-compliant with NTA Datasets (Dataset-N ready)
  • Custom treatment journey and care paths:
    • Create, monitor and maintain care plan records.
    • Management of treatment outcomes.
    • Allows the logging of events within records.
  • Data store:
    • Repository for any client documentation required.

Release 2

Conquer-A will support a wide range of client-centred services. Apart from all the above our solutions will include:

  • Dashboards:
    • View of personalised selection of screens and data within the system that are required on a frequent basis
  • Diary and scheduler:
    • View, create and manage appointments from a single simple screen
  • Needle Exchange:
    • Full client record of all needle exchange activity enables compliance monitoring and trend analysis.
    • All needle exchanges recorded and presented in an easy-to-view format.
    • Onward referral history.
    • Inbuilt reporting options for simple and speedy reporting on issues and returns.
  • Group work and event handling for professionals or family member’s involvement in treatment journeys and care paths:
    • Capture full client referral and event history.
    • Create, monitor and maintain care plan records.
    • Link GP and other professionals to specific clients using information provided from the NHS Directory.
    • Capture group work sessions information.
    • Inbuilt reporting options with predefined reporting logic for ease of use.
    • Send individual SMS text messages to specific clients.
    • Send bulk SMS text messages to clients with arranged appointments.
    • Create predefined SMS text message templates or use free text to create your own individual message.
    • Run predefined reports on SMS text messages sent.
    • Update your SMS text message credits automatically.
  • Custom reporting:
    • Custom requests and queries on system and prescribing data.
    • Custom requests and queries on dynamic form data.

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Conquer-A benefits

  • Ensure efficiency and accountability across the workforce.
  • Ensure ease of remote upgrading and updating the solution without disrupting the workforce.
  • Supply a hosted solution with the highest of security features.
  • Runs on Google Chrome, FireFox or IE11.
  • Audit trail for internal and external governance.
  • Ability to upgrade to future modules available within Conquer-A.
  • Reduce requirement of maintaining costly hardware to run systems onsite.
  • Ensure absolute compliancy with NDTMS scenarios.
  • Allow for flexible data collection streams to support specialised care paths and treatment journeys.

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