Lilie High Availability Services

Lilie High Availability Services

Ensuring that your mission-critical digital assets remain protected and connected.

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With the increasing shift to cloud computing it can be complex and expensive to move from a traditional on-premise platform. Idox Health offers an exciting range of solutions that allows you to make the shift to the future without migrating all your services directly to the cloud. The Idox Health cloud offers backups, live replication and hot Disaster Recovery services that allow you to exploit the potential of cloud computing today with zero compromise to your existing services.

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We know that hosting your mission-critical data and applications externally involves trust. Idox Health has invested in procuring industry-leading technology ensuring security and guaranteeing business continuity.

Business Continuity Services

Idox Health Backups

Idox Health backups allow you to securely hold data off premises on the Idox Health Cloud. This means that, in the event of a disaster, you can have your mind at rest knowing that you can always recover your data no matter what has happened. This service provides a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) but does not provide a Recovery Time Objective (RTO). 6PM will provide the data with you free to trigger a restore at your own discretion.


Backups are carried out automatically and are always available. Client side capacity management is a thing of the past.


A professional backup service which increases confidence in the safety of your data in the event of systems failure. 


Often it is not the actual failure and immediate data loss that causes the biggest impact but the time taken to restore information availability. This service will see
information provided to your organisation within four hours of the data loss being reported.

Idox Health Live Replication

Idox Health Live Replication builds on the innovative technology used for backups but allows you to have your data replicated at set intervals as frequently as every 15 minutes (infrastructure allowing). This means that in the event of a disaster your organisation can be online quickly and easily on the Idox Health cloud.

On Time 

This solution provides an RTO as an environment you can work from. Therefore you can quote the time which will be taken in order to recover from an issues with the server hardware.

Safe Environment 

As long as desktop, internet and power infrastructure is still available, an environment with the latest backed up data will be made available for your usage, with a limited number of users being the only caveat.

Idox Health hot DR

Idox Health hot DR builds on replication but means that your environment is already configured and tested for disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster you can allow your end users to connect to the system with no configuration changes. They will be able to access the system as if there were no mission critical problems whatsoever. This is achieved by having the database replicated in real time and then having your complete environment available, pre-configured but in standby state.

Constantly Available

The main benefit of this service is that a hosted environment will constantly be available in the event of the production environment suffering server issues.

Best of Both Worlds 

You will not only retain data on your production environment onsite, you will also have the data stored in the cloud and safe at Idox Health guaranteeing business continuity.

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