Revenue leakage is a big headache for hospital administrators and Trusts. According to the UK Audit Commission’s report ‘Right Data, Right Payment’ nationally in the UK coding errors continue to result in both under and over-payments balance. It is estimated that in the period of 2011-2012 ten acute trusts undercharged Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) by approximately £60 million for Payment by Results (PbR) activity. Javali is a technology that significantly increases inpatient revenues through improved complication and comorbidity coding.

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What is Javali?

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Javali automatically scans and aggregates all data associated with an individual inpatient encounter and, via text-based searches, assists coders in identifying missed and under-coded CCs and MCCs.

A patient being treated for a neurological procedure may also have suddenly undergone shock and been treated for it. While the neurological procedure may have been correctly identified and coded, the shock may have only been mentioned in notes about the patient visit.

Javali automatically scans all available patient documents for each individual inpatient encounter and looks for particular key words. If key words are found, it checks whether the coding is correct, either via HRG Code or via ICD10/OPCS codes. If none are correct, an ‘inference’ is raised and assigned to the coder. This all takes place automatically overnight.

The coder then has to manually check the medical records to see whether the ‘inference’ is correct, and if necessary, the Coder sends a query to the physician to clarify the situation. Based on the response, they will either leave it as itis or update the coding.

Accurate Costing

In 2012, 25% of trusts in the UK had a gross financial error rate between 4.6% and 11.7%. Continuing to reduce the HRG assignment errors by improving coding accuracy will reduce the gross financial errors.

By utilizing advanced text searching, natural language processing, and data aggregation to improve comorbidity coding, Javali has enabled the University of Utah Hospital to enhance coding capabilities and increase compensation due for health interventions made on patients by approximately £9 million in one year alone or £750,000 per month even after employing state-of-the art electronic medical record (EMR) as well as coding technology and optimising existing processes.

Sustainable and Unique

Despite other best-in-class medical coding software implementations, Javali continues to provide results even after other processes and technologies have been applied.

It does this by:

  • Pulling more data sources.
  • Applying deeper and broader searches across entire patient populations.
  • Taking advantage of specialised coding knowledge and clinical expertise.
  • Encouraging enhanced, facilitated collaboration between coders and clinicians.

This level of technology, combined with clinical and billing expertise, is not available elsewhere in the marketplace using any other software.

How do I get started?

  • Agree data feeds.
  • Schedule training to start the process.

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Javali benefits

  • Best-in-class technology.
  • Built to handle all comorbidity conditions in both ICD-9 and ICD-10.
  • More accurate and simplified coding.
  • More accurate medical records.
  • Built to integrate with and enhance current hospital systems from EMRs to coding to billing; it does not replace them.
  • Increases cost recovery significantly to hospital bottom line.
  • Better analysis of the mortality rate index.
  • More accurate coding impacts the consultant quality rating and the overall hospital rating.
  • Helps hospitals determine their actual coding accuracy – not just compared to peers.
  • Increased query rate.
  • A partner to help you improve your annual claims.
  • Multi-lingual support, including variation of country-specific terms.

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