Analytics for iFIT

Providing real-time graphical analytics for hospital logistics management, Analytics for iFIT™ is the solution to complement your iFIT implementation if you’re looking for further insights into the performance of your service.

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Analytics for iFIT™ is a powerful data management engine that automatically receives and processes data from the iFIT™ database. 

iFIT™ is constantly collecting data via the related business-as-usual processes within a hospital. As a powerful business solution, iFIT™ becomes part of the hospital’s daily operations, trapping data both inputted and processed whilst creating a database full of beneficial information.

The solution produces ad-hoc reports and highly configurable dashboards that allow managers and clinicians to manage the delivery of their services more effectively. The data is reconstituted in a way that makes it simple for non-technical users to use and build customised reports or dashboards. The end result is instantly accessible data, updated in real-time, for the executive team and information analysts to use.

Analytics for iFIT™ is the next natural step in deriving value from your iFIT™ deployment by providing an easy to configure and highly visual interface to present process information that is accurate, consistent and complete. 

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Analytics for iFIT benefits

  • Instant visibility of data sets which can be made available on demand
  • Highly comprehensive accurate and flexible reporting
  • Reach different stakeholders within the organisation with graphical and tabular-based reports
  • Respond quickly to information requests through scheduled data extraction of medical file movement data
  • Extract preventative maintenance schedules for assets in advance of supplier visits
  • Improve confidence in data via a holistic approach to data integrity including full auditing functionality
  • The user is turned into a database administrator without any IT skills required
  • Data is easily accessed without the need of any IT support
  • Ad-hoc reporting allows users to design their own reports based on the scenario at hand
  • Graphical display of data gives an instant response to queries. No more data drilling to get daily checks confirmed!

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