RFID Health Monitoring Service

RFID Health Monitoring Service

Monitor the uptime of your RFID network and receive notifications whenever a fault causes a service interruption.

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Idox Health's RFID Health Monitoring Service is designed to limit our clients’ exposure to system outages. Though extremely rare, situations may arise where part of the RFID network has become unresponsive and potentially starts to miss item movements. The RFID Health Monitoring Service works by constantly interrogating the RFID network for hardware faults.

Following implementation, the service runs in the background monitoring the RFID network. A report detailing the checks made and their outcomes can be issued monthly, giving a complete picture of the network’s status. The service provides regular notifications indicating that the network is operating as expected and issues exception notifications when a failure is detected.

If a hardware failure is detected then an email or text message is sent informing the trust of the failure. This fault can then be raised with the organisation’s support infrastructure and follow the normal escalation route for such issues.

Why Use This Service?

As an iFIT client, failure to spot a network error or reader fault can lead to unexpected costs such as:

  • Items being removed / lost from the hospital without management’s knowledge.
  • Items being moved and not traced, leading to additional effort to relocate them.
  • Disconnection of the RFID server / iFIT can lead to queuing of a backlog of data. This can lead to expensive corrective actions especially if there is significant lead time before the problem is detected.

This service is currently available for sites operating standard Impinj hardware. For more information regarding other hardware vendors kindly contact our sales team.

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